Radiation Pattern in a home from a relatively safe mechanical analog meter versus an AMR or “Smart” Meter

Note the qualitative difference in indoor radiation signal smog pattern created by these new, dangerous utility meters compared to safe, mechanical analog meters.

Analog vs. Smart Meter Radiation – Diagram by Michele Hertzanalog vs amr - michele

In terms of scale: note that the RF radiation in reality drops off with the square of distance from the source.  This is generally true regarding the re-radiated line pollution; although spikes in radiation can be seen near the conductors (these spikes don’t exceed the source intensity).  Also- other switch-mode power supply devices from household appliances and neighbors’ activities will affect the transient frequencies differently in any given home; it appears from anecdotal evidence, that the frequencies put on by the meters affect people more adversely than the line pollution from other electronics.

This is an issue in need of more specification, but given evidence of re-radiating line pollution at RF frequencies that goes away when the meter is replaced by a mechanical analog meter, and reports by individuals of the disappearance of their acute symptoms, attention should be paid to this secondary effect (production of high frequency transients by new, untested meters being rolled out by utilities).

See key excerpt from: November 23, 2013 Report on Examination of Selected Sources of Electromagnetic Fields at Selected Residences in Hastings–‐on–‐Hudson by Isotrope Wireless:

Reradiation and Incidental Radiation Exists as Expected. House wiring (and other metallic objects and cables) act as concentrators or reradiators of RF energy that produce spatial peaks of RF energy near the conductors. This is a well–‐known phenomenon (particularly at AM broadcast frequencies, where the effect near high power AM stations is substantial – the effect exists on all frequencies to some degree, depending on the frequency and radiated power level and dimensions of the conductor); the appearance of conducted RF energy and localized RF fields around conducting objects at AMR and DECT frequencies is consistent with experience.

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