Stopping Smart Meters in New York


Sample Notice of Non-Consent and Demand for Removal with Affidavit of Specific Negative Averment:

New York State Division of Human Rights Complaint Form:

New York City Commission on Human Rights: How to File a Complaint:

Note, if you live in New York City or plan to access buildings in New York City, and you have any medical condition at all (the American Academy of Environmental Medicine issued a position paper stating that people with most medical conditions should avoid RF), including pregnancy (Environmental Health Trust and Grassroots Environmental Education had a press conference in June telling pregnant women to avoid routers) , explain that there should not be a smart meter on your home, or any other building you need to access in the city in order for the city to adhere to your rights under the New York City Human Rights Law (which has covered pregnant women since January, 2014).


“Smart Meters: Smarter Practices” Review by Dr. Isaac Jamieson Commissioned by the Radiation Research Trust:

“Smart Meter and Smart Grid Problems” 2012 Legislative Proposal prepared by Nina Beety sponsored by Sonoma County Citizens Against Smart Meters:

Commonwealth Club, San Francisco 2014 Symposium “Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid”, National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy (videos):

“Smart Meter-What We Know: Measurement Challenges and Complexities) by Peter Sierck, Industrial Hygienist:

Assessment of Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation Emissions from Smart Meters by Cindy Sage, Environmental Consultant:

Comments on the Draft Report by the California Council on Science and Technology “Health Impacts of Radiofrequency from Smart Meters” by Daniel Hirsch, PhD:


Expert Letters to California Council on Science and Technology re: smart meters:

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, “Smart Meters and EMR – The Health Crisis of Our Time:

Dr. Darren Schmidt, D.C., “How Smart Meters Affect Your Body”:

Dr. David O. Carpenter, Presidential Cancer Panel on smart meters:

Take Back Your Power:  A Film by Josh del Sol (Feature-Length Documentary):

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) head 2010 email to Pacific Gas an Electric (PG&E) acknowledging that “There really are people who feel pain, etc., related to EMF,etc.” and suggesting people be allowed to keep their analog, non-microwave emitting meters so that they don’t become “hysterical”:

Foliage affected by microwave radiation from smart meters and other sources: and and and

Occupy EMF Harm interview: Scroll to time stamp 10 minutes 43 seconds to get past intro music, etc. Starts off slow, but ramps up:


California and Texas comments to Public Utility Commissions:
Stop Smart Meters!

Californians testifying about health complaints from smart meters (after Peevey appointees compare him to the Pope and Muhammad Ali):