Tips to Reduce Exposure

How To Practice Electromagnetic Hygiene: Tips to Reduce Your Exposure to Microwave Radiation


a. Use Cell Phone on Speakerphone or with a wired earpiece; hold phone away from body; never hold it up to your ear; Note that “dumb” flip- phones emit far less radiation than smart phones; Do not use Bluetooth ear attachments, use a “BlueTUBE” or other wired headset. Phone off in bedroom; at least not near beside.
b. Use Wired Land-Line phone indoors; Avoid cordless phones; keep away from cordless base stations.
c. Keep phone on table or seat away from you; if in bag- keep away from body (never put cell phone in bra); a holster on body is not ideal, but if in use orient phone’s antenna away from body.
d. Hard-wiring car with antenna on car’s EXTERIOR is preferred; if using Bluetooth in the car, shut it off when not in use.
e. Never use a phone in an elevator or other metal enclosed space, including planes, trains and automobiles.
f. International Guidance is to not use the cell phone for more than 6 minutes at a time and for no longer than 20 minutes per day; Children under 18 should avoid using cell phones except for emergency use and pregnant women should avoid using them at all.

2) WI-FI

a. Use a Wired Connection instead of Wi-Fi; hard wire your house. At the very least, shut off the Wi-Fi transmitter when not in use and at night.
b. Don’t use cell phone hotspots on your phone; they can emit more radiation than is publicly allowable in Switzerland, Italy, Russia and China (which are probably allowing their own standards to be breached); wait to use a hard line connection for internet.
c. Experts recommend that those with any medical condition, including pregnancy, avoid proximity to routers.
d. Use UV blocker on windows to block neighbors’ passive Wi-Fi.
e. If in a Wi-Fi’ed environment, KNOW the location of transmitters and keep a distance.
f. Note that the World’s Expert on wireless devices, Dr. Lennart Hardell indicates that an iPad is emitting up to 100,000 times too much radiation; avoid wireless tablets; at very least disable wireless function.


a. Opt-Out of wireless utility smart meter and demand either an analog meter or other wired meter.
b. Note that wireless AMR meters are “smart meters-lite”; utilities take great pains not to call them a smart meter, but they are wireless and transmit out to the street awaiting a passing van to “wand” them. If you have one, start by putting a sheet of aluminum on the other side of the wall and avoid part of room that has wireless meter on the other side.


a. Note nearest cell towers; keep a wide berth from them (stay out of direct line of site and stay 1,500 feet away and further if sensitive to the radiation). Do not live close to a cell tower; if this is unavoidable, consult a building biologist to shield your house properly.
b. Make sure town is committed to protecting property values and that the ordinance has rational siting provisions to keep cell towers away from frequented areas, including but not limited to houses, schools and critical institutions like courts, government buildings, drug stores, doctors’ offices and post offices.


a. Do not use wireless baby monitors; wired is preferred; one type of wireless emits a less bioactive frequency, but must be kept as far away from the baby as possible.
b. Note that kitchen appliances emit ELF (extra-low frequency radiation); blenders in particular are high. emitters; even a non-wireless device like an iPod emits high amounts of RF at the surface- carry in a bag away from body- do not tuck into athletic-wear.
c. Avoid turning house into a “smart-home” and buying appliances, including, but not limited to music speaker systems, wireless refrigerators and alarm systems.
d. Avoid Use of Femtocells/Cell Phone Boosters.
e. Avoid Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs); Incandescents are the safest. Stay at least 50 cm away from CFLs.
f. Use Wired Mouse, Wired Printer, Wired Keyboard; Wii Games; Hard Dock computer at home.
g. Unplug appliances at night where possible; consider shutting off the power to a child’s bedroom at night.