Airline Access

Getting Accommodations on Jet Blue (find ADA division for other airlines):

Jet Blue has an ADA division (Americans with Disabilities Act)
1-855-232 5463 (US phone number)
Jet Blue also doesn’t plan to put Wi-Fi in its short and medium duration flights until 2016, though it has been installed on long haul flights, e.g. NY to SF.
Meanwhile, people with EHS should call the ADA division phone number and request the following:
-Wi-Fi OFF on the plane
- board other passengers on the plane first, get everyone stowed away, captain makes announcement to power down phones, then board person with EHS
-on egress- wait till plane taxis to gate, get person with EHS off first before allowing phones to be powered on
-secure area at either end – room that is secure or area without Wi-Fi- so person with EHS doesn’t need to wait by the gate with the Wi-Fi and ppl on their phones.
-airline rep to meet person at airport doors to escort them to special check-in process and secure suite of rooms away from Wi-Fi, then escort them to the gate when it is time to board.
-on egress- airline rep to meet person and if it is a large airport that requires a tram ride with other people to exit, they should escort the person with EHS separately from other people (scrolling on their phones in tight space, e.g. the tram)
Reference the Access Board’s entry in the Federal Register.
“The Board Recognizes that multiple chemical sensitivities and electromagnetic sensitivities may be considered disabilities under the ADA if they so severely impair the neurological, respiratory or other functions of an individual that it substantially limits life activities.”
White Paper from Doctors for Safer Skies: