Is your building wired or wireless?

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Thousands of studies demonstrate that non-ionizing radiation from wireless devices and transmitters is carcinogenic and neurotoxic. One can only make appropriate personal decisions on the useage of these devices by having access to information including knowing where the transmission sources are located.

Prior to the widespread rollout of wireless technologies, most civilian populations were not exposed to continuous fixed sources of microwave radiation. There are no federally established guidelines for long-term continuous exposure to this type of radiation. Therefore, debate exists as to what if any levels of continual exposure are safe.  Statistically significant numbers of people near cell towers developed symptoms of Microwave Sickness, known today in North America as Electro-hypersensitivity.  Wi-Fi is exposing most people to more radiation than they are getting from cell towers and is exposing most people to more radiation than people got from cell phones a decade ago.  (Today’s “smart” phones are higher-powered, but more people still get more cumulative radiation from Wi-Fi than from these new phones.)  Staying out of range of Wi-Fi is the only way to practice the precautionary advice to stay away from cell towers (that was offered by the California Public Utilities Commission in 1993 and the EU in 2009).  The Bio-initiative Report lowest observed effect, .003 McW/cm^2 is an order of magnitude below the lower range of Wi-Fi.

U.S. history is filled with examples of toxins that were not regulated until decades after scientists had repeatedly asserted that they were harmful. People need to educate themselves about what is currently known about Wi-Fi, cell transmitters, smart meters, wireless devices and other radiation-emitting products. This site is intended as a clearing house for information and a point of departure for self-education.

The informational decals are offered to private sector entities to inform the public; schools and governments are encouraged to mandate the decals to promote disclosure by letting people know when they enter a building whether there is radiation being transmitted continuously or not. Schools and governments are further encouraged to keep buildings wireless-free to preserve transmitter-free zones in public places.