Canadian Parliament Committee Calls for Protection of Vulnerable Groups from Wireless Radiation Exposure

Canadian Parliament Committee Calls for Protection of Vulnerable Groups from Wireless Radiation Exposure

June 17, 2015

The Standing Committee on Health of the House of Commons in the Canadian Parliament issued a report on radio frequency electromagnetic radiation and health in June, 2015.The  Committee held public hearings regarding Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 recommended limits on safe human exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation.Witnesses testified to the Committee or submitted briefs that raised concerns about the adequacy of Safety Code 6 to protect the population from health risks due to RF radiation ….The witnesses discussed possible links between RF exposure and cancer, reproductive issues and autism. Concerns were raised about RF exposure in schools due to use of Wi-Fi; the need for RF exposure limits to protect vulnerable populations such as pregnant women, infants and children, and persons with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) ….

The Standing Committee on Health made the following recommendations in their report to the Parliament ….


Recommendation 5: That the Government of Canada continue to provide reasonable accommodations for environmental sensitivities, including electromagnetic hypersensitivity, as required under the Canadian Human Rights Act.

Nature Biotechnology: Wearable sensors

Figure 1: The types of physiological data points and the wearable sensors under development or on the market to monitor them.

From: Defining digital medicine Eric Elenko Lindsay Underwood Daphne Zohar Nature Biotechnology 33, 456–46 (2015) doi:10.1038/nbt.3222 12 May 2015

The types of physiological data points and the wearable sensors under development or on the market to monitor them.

For women who can’t keep track of monthly cycles on their own as they have done for previously recorded human history, there is the “Leaf” from Bellabeat:  The company states that the app will do things like remind women to get more sleep and facilitate stress reduction.  They state that, “The future of prenatal care” is in bringing “self-tracking tools to pregnancy…to give pregnant women the attention they need and deserve.”

None other than the National Science Foundation (NSF) is advocating implantable antennae for patient monitoring; judging from the photo in this article, they are even suggesting putting them in babies, the most vulnerable members of ours society to microwave radiation:

Wi-Fi, Cell Tower and Cell Phone coverage in the MSM


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Cell Towers:

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Wireless Products – Constant vs. Intermittent Emitters

Apple Watch continually emits Bluetooth, but theoretically stops when you shut the watch OFF.  The Bluetooth Fitbit bracelets does not shut off, except for in the newest model supposedly…. and Tile’s Bluetooth never shuts off.  Tile consists of RF-emitting squares you can put in your wallet, briefcase, on a key ring, bike, etc. Here is what customer service revealed:
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Darwin (Tile Customer Support)
May 11, 2:54 PM
Hi Deborah,
Thank you for your chat with our agent and message.
I am a Technical Specialist and wanted to apologize for any delays in our response. I talked extensively with our engineers regarding your question, it is a little bit vague but we did have an answer for you.
Much of our more in-depth technical information is not available to the public however in general, our power density, as in signal strength of the Tiles are as follows:
In close range, under 5-10 feet, the Tile will measure at -20 dBm, and at max range which is around 100 feet, the Tile will be around -100 dBm. It will vary in-between -20 dBm to -100 dBm depending on your distance and environment you are in.
I hope that this answers your question. We thank you for your inquiry and interest in Tile.
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to reply back and we will assist you promptly.
Best Regards,
Darwin @ Tile
Customer/Technical Specialist

Darwin (Tile Customer Support)

May 18, 12:55 PM

Hi Deborah,

Thank you for your message

The power density is so low that it is essentially negligible. The Tile is very low voltage device, so low and safe that we are definitely covered under all safety thresholds.

If you are worried about the power density having adverse or negative effects on you or your family members, our devices are all within federally approved ranges.

Thank you again for your inquiry, I look forward to you reply.

Darwin @ Tile
Customer/Technical Specialist

You can see from this EMF-Unit-Conversion-Chart  that -20 dBm, the amount of radiation they say you will find within 5-10 feet (the distance will be closer than that- and the radiation will be even higher if in your wallet, pocket, or bag) is 0.121 µW/cm² (1210 µW/m²) – an amount you will find in the parking lot that has a cell tower in it.  

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) suggested in 1993 that being too close to a cell tower is  undesirable since they recommended not siting them near schools or hospitals…. and yet we now have people walking around with the equivalent of that or more radiation emanating from their person or objects in their bedrooms and/or offices.

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Wi-Fi Wall on the Beach

Shadow WiFi (Happiness Anywhere)

“The intent of the 4-story instillation, which recently debuted on a Peruvian beach, is to raise awareness about the risk of skin cancer.” Is “instillation” a Freudian slip?…. In any case, Oerjan Hallberg has papers suggesting EMFs cause skin cancer…so….

Canadian Parliamentary Hearings: Safety Code 6

Below is a link to audio of testimony (and minutes- transcripts to come later) given before the Canadian Parliament on the health effects of Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies last month.

The purpose of the hearing before the Parliamentary Health Committee was an investigation into the validity or lack thereof of “Safety Code 6″ (analogous to FCC guidelines).

UK Telegraph: Is Wi-Fi Making Your Child Sick?

The doctor featured in the below article is going to be speaking at the Commonwealth Club event on June 22nd in San Francisco
The below article has apparently been shared 40,000 times on social media since last week- which is the way this important message has been making its way to parents due to minimal press coverage… although a major network affiliate will be doing another story in a top 5 US market soon.
The title might have been more apt if it read “Is Wi-Fi making your child or your child’s teacher ill.” as the problem is pretty dire for adults, too, not just children.
FYI, the Los Angeles Unified School District now has six accommodation requests from teachers for a hard-wired environment.

International Scientists Appeal to UN: EMFs and Wireless Technology

International Scientists Appeal to UN to Protect Humans and Wildlife from Electromagnetic Fields and Wireless Technology:

“What do you want the world to know about the importance of this appeal?”

(Alphabetical, by country)
Don Maisch
We are now entering the era of “The Internet of Things” (IoT) where all our appliances will be Wi-Fi enabled, endlessly communicating with each other and us through so-called smart devices. This “brave new world” dictates that human exposure to radiofrequency radiation must greatly increase in order to accommodate the technology. This is a planned world being created by technocrats totally ignorant of the reality of our biology, an ignorance fostered by the existing thermal-effects only standards/guidelines. Now, more than ever, we need new, biologically relevant standards to meet the challenge of the future.
Don Maisch, PhD., Australia,
Tel:  +61 3 62430195    Email:
Mary Redmayne
“There is much high-quality research showing bio-physiological effects from permitted electromagnetic exposures; these findings are not nullified by research which fails to find effects. To claim that the ‘weight of evidence’ does not support these effects (even if it were true) is misleading. To infer that this means no precautions are needed is illogical and non-scientific.”
“Science, industry, and government have competing priorities that make decision-making about policies regarding electromagnetic fields problematic. Governments seek scientific certainty — scientists cannot provide this. Industry puts profit and growth first. Governments need revenue and industry is a lucrative source – scientists call on governments for unrestrained/independent research funding. Who or what will influence policy decisions most?”
“It would help parents and policy makers if consensus among advisory organisations and scientists could be reached acknowledging that assurance of safety of chronic low-dose radiofrequency exposure cannot be guaranteed and is related to ill-health in some people. Therefore, minimising exposure, especially children’s, is sensible. This should be treated like other daily health precautions and warnings such as those about diet.”
Mary Redmayne, Ph.D., Department of Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine, Monash University, New Zealand

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