Guidelines and Standards

10,000,000 μW /m^2 - FCC Guidelines
2,000,000 μW /m^2 - spikes coming off an iPad 5 cm from the screen (Maxicom AB).
1,390,000 μW /m^2 - ~50 feet from a DAS antenna in San Francisco (NextG diagram).
580,000 μW /m^2 - Spikes measured in a bedroom from a Smart Meter behind the wall (Sage).
100,000 μW /m^2 - Russia, Italy, China and Switzerland Guidelines.
22,000 μW /m^2 - Upper Average Boundary of a Wi-Fi’ed Classroom
1,700-2,800 μW /m^2 – Measurements in a Parking Lot close to a Tall Cell Tower
1,000 μW /m^2 Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) maximum limits — while 10,000 times lower than FCC guidelines, limits are meaningless in that they do nothing to protect people from becoming electro-sensitive or to accommodate those who already are (at least 3% of the population according to State of CA health department, Sweden, EU) This is higher than levels at which adverse effects we should be concerned about are occurring - note it is on the border of severe and extreme concern of the Bau Biologie guidelines. It’s also a level found in the vicinity of a cell tower (too close per precautionary recommendations going back decades- certainly to the 1993 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) recommendation.)  It is also un-enforceable, because once Wi-Fi is on and 20 tablets/laptops are running in a classrooms, exposures to students will be well in excess of this “limit”.  This is also a level you would get 2 feet from a microwave oven (measured by Philips).  This is also the public exposure guideline in Lichtenstein.
200 μW /m^2 - Lower average boundary of a Wi-Fi’ed Classroom
170  μW /m^2 Seletun Conference Statement.
100  μW /m^2 Council of Europe Resolution 1815, Doc. 12608, 2011.
Bau Biologie  RADIOFREQUENCY RADIATION (High Frequency, Electromagnetic Waves) 
Power density in microwatt per square meter μW/m²
< 0.1 no concern
0.1-10 slight concern
10 - 1000 severe concern
> 1000 extreme concern
10  μW /m^2 is max level recommended by Hardell and Maxicom for exposure from peak spikes on an iPad.
10  μW /m^2 (end of threshold of severe concern) is Bau Biologie recommendation for getting out of range of severe concern.  It is also the Austria Salzburg guideline for OUTDOOR exposure and the New South Wales public exposure guideline.
3 μW /m^2 is the level the Bioinitiative Report recommends (as of 2012) – they say take a factor of 10 off lowest observed effect which is 30.
1 μW /m^2 is the Austria Salzburg INDOOR guideline (as of 2002), the Maxicom AB guideline for averaged exposure (as of 2004).  It also is Burgerforum’s (as of 1999) and the EHS Association’s (as of 2011) indoor guidelines.
.1 μW /m^2 is the Bau Biologie guideline for sleeping.
.01 μW /m^2 is the Burgerforum, guideline for sleeping (as of 1999).
.000002 is the lower threshold at which cell phones can operate (Powerwatch).
0.000001 to 0.00000000001 is the range at which natural background radiation exists (Karolinska Institute).